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About Us

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the playgrounds in Marietta, Ohio.

Our Mission: 
To Aid Children in their Development by Constructing a SAFE, Fun & Educational Community Space

Complete Renovation Project:

We are about to catapult into a huge project to reconstruct, renovate and build a new Northwest Territory Community Playground.
The entire community will be able to enjoy the new basketball courts, a dry soccer field, and SAFE, durable and theme playground equipment. You will be able to take a walk around the perimeter of the play area, have a picnic, and watch the children as they have the time of their lives.
Just imagine, there will be no mud and no splinters.

This project is not as easy as moving playground equipment onto the playground. The land has to be completely reconstructed and no stone will be left unturned.

Safety Hazards for Our Children With Current Playground:

When it became apparent that there is a definite need for a SAFE playground in Marietta.  A community of volunteers was formed to make a new playground and repair the problems of the current one. We need everyone's help with this project.  The children need a playground and the playground NEEDS YOU.  Please click on the donation category above to make a donation to this endeavor to beautify Marietta with a park that looks like the Northwest Territory Theme that our city portrays.

The new playground will undergo a complete renovation starting from the ground up.  It is not as simple as just adding playground equipment.... it is SO MUCH MORE.  To utilize the maximum space, the play area will be constructed in three levels.  When it is complete, everyone in the community will want to come and walk through this beautiful site, play basketball, soccer, stroll around the perimeter of the playground walking path, have a picnic, and enjoy watching your children and grandchildren have the time of their lives. Pick up a book at the library and just sit and enjoy your surroundings.​

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need to raise approximately $875,000.00. This seems like a lot of money and it is...but we can reach this goal with all of you helping. Please click on our website for more information and to make a donation


Projected Destination Playground:

Renovation Plans Involve:

  • New basketball courts with four baskets
  • New soccer field with synthetic playground turf
  • Swing, sliding boards, spinner, climbing apparatus and more
  • Sidewalks with educational imprints displaying the history of Marietta and the Northwest Territory
  • New water drains in each area of the playground for drainage.  Imagine, NO MORE STANDING WATER AND MUD.
  • Electricity for all new lamp posts with LED lights
  • Cameras mounted and directly linked to the Police Department to protect your children and our investment
  • Northwest Territory themed playground equipment for both younger and older children
  • Rocks, stumps and posts to climb ( AND NO SPLINTERS)Outdoor classroom
  • New fence
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Project projection $875,000.00