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About Us

Public health department providing environmental health permitting and inspections, WIC services, Vital stats services for birth and death certificates, community prevention programs such as tobacco cessation, SWAT, abstinence programs, health lifestyles classes including diabetes and diabetes prevention, HIV and hepatitis prevention.  The health department provides clinic services such as STD treatment, family planning services, healthy start case management services, immunizations for children and adults, sterilization services, HIV patient care, drug assistance programs as well as a Prestige Medicaid provider.   Other services provided at our other locations are children’s dental services for children with Medicaid, school health nurses, and our Emergency Room diversion clinic at the Village Health Center providing acute care services.




Department of Health in Bay County FAQ

Can my child get all their childhood immunizations at the health department?
Yes, the health department stocks all the CDC required immunizations. We also carry some vaccines that are on the recommended list as well.

Do you have the adult flu vaccine?
Yes, the regular dose vaccine is available for $29.00 and the high dose vaccine for those over 65 for $42.00.

Where can I get a copy of my Florida birth certificate?
The vital stats office at the health department can provide a copy of your birth certificate for a fee of $12.00. Call the health department for information on the required identification to purchase a certified copy.

Does the health department take Medicaid for children’s dental services?
Yes, the dental office at 3815 E. Highway 98, Panama City, FL is the dental clinic where children with Medicaid can receive dental services.

Department of Health in Bay County