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About Us

Metabolic Research Center offers a personalized one-on-one approach to weight loss. Our specialists work with you to find the program that will best fit your lifestyle, food preferences and medical history. Your MRC team walks the weight loss journey with you and we take every opportunity to celebrate the small wins, the moments that create change, and your commitment.


 Before & After

I gained almost 50 pounds when I was pregnant with my son. When he was 6 weeks old, I started Metabolic Research Center’s breastfeeding menu to lose the last 30 pounds. I said goodbye to the weight and hello again to my size 6 jeans! Because I was eating lean meats, fruits, veggies and drinking lots of water, my milk supply increased and so did my energy level! That really helps with a newborn!

– Brooke H.
Lost 30 pounds on breastfeeding menu

MRC | Brandon, Florida

Before & After

I needed a change. Period. My husband and I have 2 two-year-old boys, and we were considering having another child. I knew I needed to get healthy – not only because I wanted a healthy pregnancy, but also so I could be fit enough to chase after my little monsters. I wanted to be healthy enough to keep up with them and be a fun mom.

I have lost weight before on two other popular weight-loss programs –  I lost weight, but wasn't able to keep it off. What appealed to me about MRC was that it involved real food, had classes to get my head in the right place and also had a maintenance plan to help ensure I keep it off.

I have had the toughest year ever emotionally. There were times I did go off program, but I remained focused on my goals and found comfort in feeling in control and knowing I was doing the right thing for my health. Having met my goals, I am amazed at how much better I feel and how much energy I have. I am still focused on goals, but now it is to make sure I maintain the healthy habits I have learned and share them with my family.

The health benefits aren't the only positive points of doing this program, though. I'll never get tired of friends telling me that I look great. I've worked hard for this, and I'm having a great time shopping for an entirely new wardrobe. I don't think my head has caught up completely with the new body, but I'll get there! I've loved the journey and am grateful for the support of the MRC staff, which helped me get here!

– Allison M.
Lost 82 pounds (66 pounds on MetaSlim & 16 pounds on Meta-HCG)
  & 101 inches. Went from a size 20 to a size 4

MRC | Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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Metabolic Research Center FAQ

How much does your program cost?
We have several weight loss programs available. The purpose of the free consultation is to determine which of these weight loss programs is the best for you. Your cost will be determined based on your needs. Our fees are very reasonable as we have students, as well as professionals, on our programs.

Are your weight loss programs nutritionally balanced?
Our weight loss programs include food from all four food groups. You will be able to make food selections, including lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese and bread. You can buy food from the grocery store and eat out in restaurants.

Can I breastfeed and still lose weight?
Yes. We have specific breastfeeding menus to ensure that you lose fat safely while keeping your milk supply for your baby.

I work/travel a lot. Will your programs work for me?
Many of our clients have hectic lives. We have found that even clients who work long hours or travel extensively are able to successfully complete our programs. Each weight loss program is easy to follow and easy to incorporate into even the busiest lifestyle.

Why do you offer hormone imbalance tests?
Hormones are the missing link to weight loss for many women and men. When our hormones are out of balance, our minds, bodies and lives are also out of balance. At any age, there are numerous causes of hormonal imbalance, such as aging, illness or stress. But, regardless of the cause of imbalance, an impaired condition can cause weight gain and expanding waist lines that are difficult to reverse.