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Phone: 402-483-4781

About Us

Vine Mission Statement:  Vine Congregational, United Church of Christ, rooted in the soil of Christian belief, is an open and inclusive community of believers that provides care, support, and encouragement to individuals and families as they bear witness to their faith within and beyond the local church.
Our religion is over 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.  Vine is an Open Minded Church with Extravagant Welcome.

Our Services

Sunday Service - Join us at 10:30 for Liberal Theology inside Traditional Worship

Baptisms - Anyone of any age may be baptized at Vine Church.
Our Pastor will baptize anyone, if they have not already been baptized at some point in their life.
Baptism are traditionally done during a Sunday worship service by placing water on the head. If the person wishes to be immersed fully in water, they must arrange to use a baptismal font in another church, a swimming pool, or a pond/lake.

There is no fee to be Baptized at Vine Church, but a donation to the church is encouraged.

Weddings - You are welcome to have your wedding at Vine Church.  We believe in Marriage equality.  You do not need to be a member of Vine Church to be married here.  Read more....

Funerals - Anyone can have a memorial service/ funeral at Vine Church.  Our Pastor will officiate at the funeral of non-members.  To arrange a memorial service, contact Rev. Dr. Renae Koehler to check availability.

Christian Education Ministries

- DiVine Kids Sunday School
- Vacation Bible School
- Children's Little Free Library
- Confirmation
- Youth Group
- Kamp Kaleo
- Adult Sunday School
- Explorers Bible Study Group
- Evening Discussion Group
- Nursery


Worship Ministries
- Communion Preparation/Clean-up
- Communion Servers
- Ushers
- Chancel Choir
- Bell Choir: Joyful Noise
- Special Flowers for Easter and Christmas Seasons
- Pew Ministry
- Children's Activity Bags

Member Care Ministries
- Cradle Roll
- Card Ministry
- Vine Callers
- Funeral Servers

Mission Ministries
- People's City Mission
- "Branching" Out
- Peace and Justice

Fellowship Ministries
- Friendly Fellowship
- Fellowship Hour
- V.E.R.G.E.
- Esther/Faith Circle

Our Beliefs

Our religion is over 2000 years old, our thinking is not.  God is still speaking.

  • You can feel Holy Energy, inspiration and joy at Vine.
  • Our worship services bring Liberal Theology in a Traditional way.
  • We are inclusive of all people, regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or economic status.
  • We are Christians who respect all world religions.
  • We believe that Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are all equal and loved by God.
  • We feed the hungry people of Lincoln by serving meals and providing groceries.
  • We believe everyone will go to heaven/afterlife.
  • We support marriage equality.
  • We do same sex marriages and opposite sex marriages.
  • We are very Spiritual. We believe in prayer.
  • We do not believe in hell, or the devil. But, evil is real.
  • We do not call people “sinners,” we see the light of God in one another.
  • We do not have any creed or doctrine that you must agree with.
  • We are open to questions and do not have to have all the answers.
  • We are comfortable with differences of opinion.
  • You dress casual or formal for worship;  whatever makes you comfortable.
  • We believe children are an important part of worship.  We don’t mind if children make noise in worship.
  • We are called to Justice and Peace issues.
  • We use inclusive language for God.
  • We respect science and incorporate it into our understanding of the world.
  • We believe in evolution.
  • We support one another with Love.
  • We perform baptisms, weddings, and funerals for anyone.
  • We go on mission trips to learn and help others, not to try to make people become Christians.
  • We have many young parents who want their children to grow up in a church that is inclusive of all people.
  • We have a wonderful music program that enhances worship.
  • We are 125 year old Lincoln congregation that has always been on the cutting edge of social justice and peace issues.
  • We have fellowship and refreshments after worship every Sunday.
  • We are a medium-sized church with a healthy family feel.
  • Our Pastor does hospital visits, nursing home visits and home visits.
  • There are many ministry teams, missions, and social functions to get involved with.
  • We do not believe that the Bible is the literal word of God; it was written by people for people long ago.
  • We study the Bible within its historical context.
  • We believe the books of the Bible were inspired by God, as are other Holy texts.
  • We believe God is still speaking and working in the world.